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Why Limbi can help you

Seeing how you're really doing.

Add values to your life by discovering, scoring, and living up to what really matters to you.

Happy, happy, happy!Collect your ingredients

It's good to know what really makes you happy. Limbi is here to help you discover this. How cool is that!

Numbers tell the tale1 to 10, that's your Limbi

Once you score your 3 values, our mathematicians work lightening fast to get you your score. Easy & clear!

Your personal compassDay to day, always on track

With regards to your Limbi, you can take matters into your own hands. You take the wheel!

Statistics and graphsWe love colors and overview

Here you can keep full track of your Limbi scores. Look at new trends and see personal growth and development.

ShareStay in touch

You can even choose to share your Limbi results with those closest to you. Get to know each other even more!

Limbi gets to know you 24/7

Deserved a pat on the back? Or, just that extra bit of motivation? Limbi is always here for you. So are we!